Route YC

Eroding YC

When travelling throughout Route YC, the stark evidence of the storming seas and the punishing winds, are clear to see on the Yorkshire Coasts ravaged coastline.

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Route YC

Our Yorkshire coastline has been evolving over millions of years, yet some bits of it are relatively new having only been deposited during the last ice-age, a mere 2.5 million years ago. So as a result, it is not as hardened to the north sea's constant bombardment.

For this reason, you should always take care when walking on cliff tops, particularly after heavy rain or snow. It is always advisable to check advice from official walking route rangers and websites to make sure the route you have chosen is still passable at the time of your trip. Some popular summer walks are closed in the winter months.

Make sure you:

  1. Explore coastal walks but keep your dog on a lead to avoid any nasty slips.

  2. Don't wild camp on cliff edges or chase the perfect selfie sunrise the area maybe beautiful but areas can be unstable.

  3. Stick to marked paths and make sure you are equipped with sensible walking boots.

  4. Don't attempt to climb the cliffs unless you are with an approved instructor who knows the area well.

  5. It might give you the best view, but don't drive the car up to cliff edges, or you might end up losing your ride home!