Route YC

Protect our Yorkshire Coast

Here at Route YC, we are passionate about protecting the Yorkshire Coast for future Route YC travellers.

Here are some of our top tips for having an action-packed trip, while protecting the area for years to come.

Route YC

Travel Safe

Plan in advance the best way to start your Route YC experience by checking out our Travel Safe guidance. Be aware that when travelling through rural areas, there may be loose farm animals so check your speed, especially when on bends.

Protect Marine and Wildlife

It can be exciting to spot a seal on the beach, or to try and get closer to seabirds, but this can cause distress to those beautiful creatures. Keep a safe distance and check out our Marine and Wildlife Guide with some easy things you can do to keep them, and you, safe.

Mind your Carbon Footprint

You can tailor your Route YC experience to include lots of different experiences that can be done on foot, bike. There are great public transport options throughout the area, so park up the car and head out on foot so you can really experience the rugged beauty of the Yorkshire Coast.