Route YC

Fossil Hunting

The Yorkshire Coast, or Dinosaur Coast as it is also referred to, has some of the most significant geology in the UK. It’s what brought William (Strata) Smith – the father of English geology - to the area 200 years ago. Any great start to a fossil hunt needs a trip to The Rotunda Museum in Scarborough and Whitby Museum in Whitby, so you can see first-hand what has been uncovered on this old Coast.

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Route YC

We'd recommend you book on one of the many guided fossil hunting trips, not least because they'll tell you the best places to find fossils and dinosaur footprints, they'll also give you loads of great detail about your finds.

Top Tips for Fossil Hunting

  1. Explore away but be careful clambering over rocks when on the hunt. Take extra care under cliff faces, hard hats are recommended.
  2. Don't chip away to uncover fossils, you'll never know what beauty you might damage
  3. If you find a remarkable fossil, please record where you found it and take a picture of it ideally with something else in the picture like a pen, to help provide scale. Report your find to the local geology society or museum.
  4. If you are by rock pools and rocky areas, just keep a watchful eye out for our 10-legged friends or you might get a nasty nip when foraging!

You will see our stunning natural coastline's changing every time you visit due to the unique geology millions of years in the making. Route YC is a great place for fossil hunting and at the southern end of the Yorkshire Coast you can see first-hand the huge impact and ruggedness caused by the unyielding North Sea.