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Planning is essential whether you’re planning a spring, summer, autumn, or winter trip to the Yorkshire Coast. Route YC is a year-round destination, and the different seasons bring a whole new experience.

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Here are our top tips to help you get the most out of your Route YC adventure:

  1. Summer months on the Yorkshire Coast can be hectic, and congestion in the key towns can be a battle, so think about leaving the car at home and hopping on the train or bus to experience it in a new way.

  2. Visit in Autumn and Winter to see the raw side of the Coast -- there's nothing better than watching the battering North Sea from the comfort of a cosy inn with a roaring fire!

  3. To maximise your Route YC experience, we recommend spending at least three days per route. However, seven days will give you a greater understanding of this old Coast and let you try several different activities.

  4. Remember when planning that the Route YC routes are just for guidance. The best adventures are when you create your own; sometimes, it's about the journey, not the destination.

  5. Research before setting off to get the most out of your trip! There are so many things to do along the Yorkshire Coast that you need that information to prioritise and plan. Our Priority Club Members can get access to all of our handy guides and a build-your-own itinerary tool to make it easy for you to plan your ultimate adventure.

How to join Route YC, no matter how you are travelling:


You can reach all routes via car, bike, motorhome/tourer.

The three main access points to Route YC are:

NORTH: From Middlesbrough: A171

EAST: From York: A64

SOUTH: From Hull: A165

Speed Limits

The national speed limit on single-carriage roads is 60mph. However, it doesn't mean driving at this speed in all conditions is safe. Sometimes, you must go under that to drive correctly for the conditions. You can refresh yourself with The Highway Code, which should be adhered to by all drivers.

Please allow traffic behind you to overtake safely if you travel below the speed limit. For example, if you are on single-track roads, pull into passing places on your left to allow drivers behind to pass.


Local services between Scarborough and Withernsea are operated by East Yorkshire Buses.

Travel from York to Scarborough on National Express and Yorkshire Coastliner.


You can reach the heart of Whitby, Scarborough, Filey and Bridlington from Middlesbrough, York and Hull via the Northern network.

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