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About Scarborough YC

Scarborough YC is abundant with Wildlife, watersport activities and is home to Englands first seaside resort, making this the perfect place for thrill-seekers and nature lovers.

Surf, hike, cycle and explore the rich Jurrasic history on the many beaches and coves. Or, if you want a laid back experience, foodies can indulge in traditional British fayre to restaurants serving up the finest shellfish and farm to table produce from local Yorkshire producers.

Route YC

Here are our six iconic Scarborough YC moments we don't think you should miss:

  1. Book into one of the great surf schools and blast away your real life by experiencing the wild North Sea. This lesser-seen way of seeing the coastline while testing your nerve and balance on the back of a board is an absolute must for all thrill-seekers.

  2. Indulge in fresh, locally caught shellfish and great wines at restaurants like Cafe Fish. Or for a flamboyant taste of the country, a must book is The Copper Horse.

Top tip for seafood lovers, check the specials board and ask what has been caught that day for the freshest bite.

  1. Grab the bike, head off to Forge Valley, and follow the Woodland cycle paths to nearby villages like Hackness and Troutsdale. There are plenty of parking and stopping places, but the roads wind around curving bends, so keep a keen lookout for others using the road and looking to cross over. If you find yourself in need of a quick bike repair, check out the free bike repair station at East Ayton Lodge.

  2. Head to Hayburn Wyke and experience a meandering stroll down to the pebble beach that has a special surprise at the end with a dual waterfall at the bottom. Take care to follow the signposted routes and keep a close eye on your footing in Autumn and Winter as the paths can be slippery - keep dogs on a lead to keep everyone safe and on the right track. Then, create your perfect selfie moment with a loved one on Lovers Rock and share the beauty far and wide.

  3. Scarborough YC is rich with remnants from the Jurrasic era, and any great adventure should include Fossil Hunting. To set you on the right path, so you know what to look for, check in to The Rotunda Museum to give you all the geology background before heading out to explore coves and beaches. Finding fossils amongst the pebbles on the beach is a great fun activity for all ages; better still, why not join one of the many guided fossil hunting trips that will be able to guide you to the best places and keep you safe at the same time.

  4. History lovers will be spoilt for choice in Scarborough with its m, Regency, WW2 and art deco influence on proud display on its many historic buildings. We recommend combining a trip to Stephen Joseph Theatre for its exuberant deco design, a walk around Scarborough Castle and a meander past the Grand Hotel. Break up your exploration by dropping into one of the many excellent pubs and bars, including favourite haunts like The Golden Ball overlooking Scarborough harbour.

There are plenty of things to do in Scarborough YC -- what will you add to your itinerary?

Travelling throughout Scarborough YC

  1. Motorhomes and Tourers are not recommended to pass through Troutsdale as this is a narrow, single-track area with minimal passing places.

  2. Book your activities in advance to maximise your time away.

  3. The Yorkshire Coast can be wild and the paths slippery, so pack sturdy boots if you are heading off on a walk or hike.

  4. Explore more on foot, or you'll miss the beauty! So park up the car and explore on bike or foot, but save the bus timetable to get you back to your base.