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A Guide to the Coastal Sculpture Collection

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DAY 1: Spurn Butterfly

The Green Hairstreak Butterfly inspired local artist Emma Stothard to create a sculpture which can be found at Spurn Point, aptly named the Spurn Butterfly.

This piece was woven by hand out of materials designed to weather and timelessly evolve with the elements at this stunning peninsula which we have claimed as Yorkshire's very own Lands End.

You can park up at the visitors centre and then take the walk down to the peninsula, or you can even book one of the wildlife trusts safari tours to take you down in style.

We have been watching to see how the piece is evolving, and from its start in glittering copper, it is now furnishing a burnished brown with flecks of verdigris.

  • Spurn Butterfly walk

    (C) Route YC

    (C) Route YC

  • Spurn Butterfly with lighthouse

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    (c) Route YC

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There are some great places to stop off and stay, and Fairview Lodges is a great place to set up a base to explore the area.

If you are travelling in your camper or the van in tow, there are some great pitches around the small village of Patrington and if you like fishing, check out Patrington Haven.

DAY 2: The Crab

A short stop north will take you to the quiet seaside town of Withernsea. Home to England's only inland lighthouse and the second piece created by Emma Stothard.

The Crab is easily located on the promenade a short walk from Pier Towers and was commissioned to celebrate the rich fishing heritage in the town.

This 2-meter tall crab is at the start of the Fish Trail which is an educational trail which will take you on a gentle stroll throughout the town. Like Spurn Butterfly, you can get up close to the piece and see all the fine detail, but this has a distinct galvenised coating so it remains a soft brown throughout all times of the year.

For budding photographers, set the lense through the pincers to capture Pier Towers in the background.

  • crab sculpture

    (C) Route YC

    (C) Route YC

  • Crab sculpture

    (c) Route YC

    (c) Route YC

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If you like exploring and want something more energetic to see nature up close, a great way to get about is by bike which you can hire from the Pop-In which is about a minute walk from the sculpture and we'd recommend stocking up your supplies from nearby villages Patrington and Roo's.

DAY 3: Hornsea Mere

Hornsea has England's largest fresh water lake, which makes it a haven for wildlife watching. Hornsea is about a half hour drive up the coast road if you go direct so you can still keep your base in the south, or you can switch up your accommodation by staying in one of the lakeside lodge or camping sites.

You will need to plan around the opening times of the Mere if you are heading up to settle for the afternoon, and if you are looking to get active, you can hire boats to get onto the lake itself with a cafe nearby for supplies for the day so you don't need to plan too much in advance.

If you still feel like you want to stretch your legs and fancy a walk to see what other wildlife you can find, you can leave the car at the Mere and follow the final stages of the Trans Penine Way through a gentle woodland walk that will take you to the marker point on the Promenade.

If you're up for eating out, a great place on the highstreet, The Stack House is a great one to book in on the evening.

  • blackbird boat

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  • rose garden

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Day 4: RSPB

Year on year we are spoilt for choice with the number of wildlife that descends on the great Chalk Cliffs, from Puffins in Spring-Summer through to Gannets and even an albatross has been spotted in the area over the last couple of years.

Around half a million seabirds gather here between March and October and the RSPB has kept developing the site over recent years to create more wildlife trails and walks, along with accessible trails for people needing wheelchair access.

This is great spot for nature lovers and this year we have some seen some spectacular Puffins on the cliffs which can be viewed from the various viewing platforms, and they hold regular guided walks with experts ready to help you see what can be found in the area.

  • Seabirds at RSPB
  • Cliff Top Walk at RSPB Bempton Cliffs
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If you are in a camper or have the van in tow there are a couple of easy options for an overnight stay, including The Ship Inn at Sewerby - great for those travelling with dogs in tow - or The Royal Oak at Hunmanby. An inexpensive place to pitch for the night, we wouldn't recommend cooking at either of these places, the food is too good so take the night off from having to do the dishes!

If you are travelling by car and wanting a good overnight place, head over to The North Star at Flamborough, a place renowned for its fresh catch and seafood specialities.

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DAY 5: Wykeham Damselfly

As you travel further north throughout Route YC, we recommend taking the rural section of the route, taking you through the rolling countryside to North Yorkshire Waterpark, where you will see the most recent edition to the Coastal Sculpture Collection.

Emma Stothard was inspired by the abundance of wildlife that can be seen at the lakes, where over 50 different species of dragonflies can be found and created the Wykeham Damselfly based on the beautiful Demoiselle.

This striking sculpture has been installed upright as if it is ready to take off, soar straight to the clouds, and cast a dappled shadow on the lake edge.

The body, head and tail have been designed using copper wire that over time; the patina turns lovely verdigris representing the true colours of the Beautiful Demoiselle.

The sculpture is positioned along a walking path that goes around one of the lakes and will take about 50 minutes at a gentle pace to get around.

This is a great site to set up base for the day, and if you want to get out on the water to see the wildlife up close and personal, you can hire paddle boards or head over to one of their dedicated fishing lakes.

A short drive from here will take you to the nearby village of East Ayton, where there are places to refresh your supplies, and there is a Scarborough Club site for campers and caravans and East Ayton Lodge and The Downe Arms if you are looking for accommodation.

There's a lot to see in the area with great woodland walks through Forge Valley, so we'd recommend setting up camp here for a couple of days before moving on to the final piece of the Coastal Sculpture Collection.

  • wykeham damselfly sculpture

    (c) Roost_Coffee

    (c) Roost_Coffee

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DAY 6: Forge Valley

This area is great for walkers, cyclists, and dog walks, with the River Derwent slicing the area in two, as it creates a fresh and vibrant place for natural flora and wildlife.

You can join many trails, including a geology trail that takes you through the woods and plenty of stopping places and information boards along the routes.

In the height of summer, it can feel almost tropical as you weave between the fauna, while in Autumn and Winter, it takes on a ruggedness with the Derwent running stronger with more areas ending up damned with mini waterfalls. Like all Wood land areas, no matter the weather a sensible set of footwear is advised as the wooden boardwalk trails can get slick with morning dew or splashes from dogs running in and out of the lake.

We recommend checking out Andrews Walks to find a route that suits your abies, and a great one to start off with is the 3.1-mile Forge Valley to Raincliffe Woods which will take you onto a specific nature trail.

  • woodland

    Andrews walks

  • Woodland steps

    Andrews Walks

  • woodland waterfall

    Andrews Walks

  • person and dog

    Andrews Walks

  • fence and sign to forge valley woods

    Andrews Walks

  • road

    Andrews Walks

  • person in woodland walking

    Andrews Walks

  • river and boardwalk

    Andrews Walks

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If you stay put for the night, we'd recommend driving to a nearby village Seamer to book a meal at The Copper Horse. It's a charming property with all the charm of a historic property, with excellent customer service and local produce at its heart.

Or, if you have some outdoor BBQ on the top of your priorities, head down to Glaves Butchers in nearby Brompton for quality produce; we'd highly recommend adding a pork pie to the shopping list!

Day 7: Blue Lobster

Staithes will be the final place on your Route YC stop to see The Blue Lobster, but first, we will take you a detour over towards Ravenscar.

Some great country roads will take you through the woodlands until you cross over the A171 to join the road on the way to Ravenscar. You can park up on the roadside just outside Raven Hall, where you start the walk down to the bay at the bottom.

This is a great area to see the wild seal colonies, but be mindful that the best way to admire these majestic creatures is from afar, and dogs should be kept on a lead at all times to protect the seals and your four-legged friend.

You'll have definitely worked up an appetite on this walk, and Raven Hall is an excellent place for lunch or an afternoon tea, or if you want to get some miles in before a stop, head up the A171 towards Whitby. A great supply stop just before you get to Whitby is Bothams at Stainsacre Lane, where this local family bakery highly recommends the lemon buns.

Staithes is another 40 minutes north, and our route will take you around the outskirts and through Sandsend before you head up the bank on the final stretch to Staithes.

The Blue Lobster is situated within the parking area at the top of Staithes, renowned for its smuggling history, cobbled streets and the rare, bright blue lobster, known as a "coronation" lobster, was created by Emma Stothard to represent Staithes past and present fishing industry.

Your legs might be aching after the Ravenscar walk, but we'd highly recommend the walk down to the harbour and a stop off at The Cod and Lobster when even in the depths of winter, the views of the crashing waves against the dock are not to be missed!

  • Lobster Sculpture

    (c) Emma Stothard

    (c) Emma Stothard

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