Lighting up the Coast 2024!

Join us at one of the Yorkshire Coast's iconic landmarks this February for a spectacular light show that will see the coastline illuminated in an incredible laser show.

Light Night 2024

This March will see the Yorkshire Coast lit up by lasers once again! The success of previous ‘Light up the Coast’ events has resulted in an even BIGGER and BETTER light show this year.

Spectators were able to see multiple laser beam shows performed in a sequence and projected against some of the Yorkshire Coast’s most iconic and loved landmarks.

‘Light up the Coast’ was created as a way to demonstrate the beauty and scale of the region by illuminating incredible landmarks across the Yorkshire Coast. All the lasers are linked via GPS allowing them to create a synchronised light pattern across Route YC.

Light shows from previous years have showcased the iconic Whitby Abbey, Scarborough Castle and Flamborough Lighthouse, and this year promises to even more spectacular!

Lighting up the night sky in numbers!

 The show will take place between Monday 26th Feb and Sunday 3rd March, and it will be free to view from multiple locations throughout the Yorkshire Coast.

Immerse yourself in the experience fully by adding a new dimension to the show. Download the app and listen to the soundtrack orchestrated for the event.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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