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Top 5 winter walks for foodies on Route YC

Step into a world where frost-kissed landscapes, charming villages, and picturesque trails await your adventurous spirit on the Yorkshire Coast. Whether you're a seasoned rambler or prefer more of a leisurely stroll, we know that a walk is only as good as the food on the other end, so read on to discover some brilliant winter walks for foodies on Route YC.

Eccentric England has handpicked a selection of the best winter walks, matched to some foodie highlights on Route YC, to inspire you on what you can do on your road trip next year.

They have covered some great spots, like Hayburn Wyke, an old favourite of ours, because it's a perfect woodland walk leading to the beach with a dual waterfall. Then, what do you get to see on the way back? A country pub, which is even dog-friendly!

Head over to read their blog and discover some more great walks, and don't forget to come back so we can give you some more tips on great places you can add to your 2024 itinerary.

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1 of 5 pages

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